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KWL provides audit, tax and consulting services and works with clients to integrate in-depth expertise and deliver results in the real world.

We provide professional services to the commercial, government and non-profit sectors. By focusing on industry-specific and country-specific knowledge, our personnel are able to place a significant commitment to provide an in-depth understanding of customer-specific business problems, in-depth industry expertise, and excellent service.


We respect diversity and inclusiveness and create a positive and encouraging culture.

Audit firm number: AF 002396

Our Vision

Our vision and strategy are focused on working together to provide the best of all services offered by the firm.

We strive to be the standard of excellence and the most sought-after by customers and talents.


The values ​​we share describe the core principles that differentiate KWL culture.




We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation and actions with the highest level of integrity are essential to our existence. We demonstrate a strong commitment to continuous and responsible business practices.


Outstanding value to the market and customers


We play an important role in supporting capital markets and efficient customer operations. We regard this role as a privilege and recognize the need for continued vigilance and continued commitment.





Financial Advisory

KWL provides comprehensive advisory solutions to help you unlock and preserve the value in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, investigations and disputes.


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Audit & Assurance

One of the foundations in trust in our capital markets is complete, accurate and fairly presented financial information of business performance.


An independent audit is the foundation for decision-making in the capital markets. Its function is to enhance the reliability of information prepared by clients for use by investors and other stakeholders. An audit helps give stakeholders confidence in the integrity of your financial statements.


Financial Statement Audit


We provide Financial Statement Audit service and non statutory audits. We help clients to comply with specific reporting requirements; and agreed upon procedures engagement.


Our audit professionals provide a range of independent audit services based on a strong knowledge of accounting principles. These are complemented by appropriate knowledge of business systems, processes and controls.

Each of our audit professionals has the breadth of experience that comes from auditing many of the world’s leading and fastest growing companies and to whom we provide the best available ongoing personal and professional development.

We assemble the right multi-disciplinary team to address the most complex issues. We work to give you the benefit of our deep sector knowledge and our full subject matter knowledge.


We currently serve many leading companies and emerging Malaysian multinational and growing businesses.

Our audit process concentrates on the key areas of risk, based on a company's operational characteristics and performance profile. Our partners and professionals are trained to look closely at all aspects of financial reporting to better isolate risk.


How we add value


What’s more is the value that comes with our audit process: advice on controls and processing system weaknesses, and confirmation of accounting treatments on complex transactions, for example. We provide gap analysis and performance improvement suggestions where appropriate and relevant.



As the rate and complexity of tax law continue to grow, expert advice is crucial.

In this increasingly challenging tax environment, we work with you to leverage local knowledge and experience to tailor solutions.

With an understanding of technical issues and compliance, we provide management consulting services to our clients on key tax issues arising from their business.

Fraud prevention

Are you worried about your company's internal control robustness? Want to know how to minimuse the risk of fraud occurring? Are you interested in implementing precautions?

Our fraud risk management and prevention experts review internal fraud management measures and corporate ethics programs to serve customers who are concerned about potential fraud risks. We provide comprehensive and practical advice on all aspects of fraud risk management, from assessing overall fraud risk and testing existing fraud prevention programs to designing and implementing a new fraud prevention system.

How KWL Can Help:

• Diagnostic review of fraud risk management frameworks and practices

• Strengthen and expand the fraud risk management framework and corporate fraud prevention and ethics programs


• Customized fraud risk management and fraud prevention training

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